Bridgeport holdings liquidating trust v boyer absolute dating of brachiopods

2, 2011) (click here for of opinion), the Delaware Supreme Court addressed the questions of whether a creditor can file a derivative action against a limited liability company. So far in 2011, six Georgia banks have been closed, with the latest two being Habersham Bank and Citizens Bank of Effingham. You can view the summary (as well as links to key decisions of prior years) by going to his Delaware Corporate and Commercial Litigation Blog.

Continue Reading The State of Georgia is among the national leaders in banks closed by state and federal agencies. has compiled a summary of key corporate and commercial decisions in Delaware for the year 2008.

Continue Reading Two relatively prompt decisions in the same month involving Du Pont, kept a case in Delaware, but then the Chancery Court frowned on its request for injunctive relief.

You can access the summary from the Delaware Corporate and Commercial Litigation Blog.… On January 15, 2008, the United States Supreme Court entered an important decision in Stoneridge Investment Partners v.

The Committee follows the Defendants' approach in its omnibus opposition. § 1334(b) and find that this is a core proceeding under § 157(b)(2)(O). aided and abetted breaches of fiduciary duties by "substantially and knowingly participating in, inducing, encouraging, substantially assisting, and/or aiding or abetting the breaches of fiduciary duty" committed by directors, officers, and managers of the conveying subsidiaries.

The Defendants almost exclusively rely upon Delaware law because they argue that the Committee's claims primarily involve the internal affairs of business entities formed in Delaware. Count II alleges that the defendant directors, officers, and managers of TOUSA, Inc.

If a Trustee sues to avoid and recover a transfer of Bitcoin, is the claim amount for the value of the transfer at the time of the transfer, or increased (or decreased) value at… Continue Reading The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has issued the first published Circuit Court opinion on the question of whether trademarks are assignable in a Bankruptcy case.

Plaintiff CML asserted the following derivative claims against the present and former members of… Since late 2008, when the banking crisis hit, a total of fifty seven Georgia banks have…

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