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Chat is the primary form of player communication in Spiral Knights, with mail being the other major method.

All chat lines are viewed in an area in the lower-left of the player's HUD. Removes the specified player from your ignore list.

Chat is viewed in other places besides the lower left area - Speech bubbles usually pop up, and player knights will usually gesture if standing while speaking in a non-combat area.

Using the (zoom) button on the minimap can change how speech bubbles appear to the player: This is ideal for certain conversation settings (as groups might have around tables in Guild Halls and other places), which can be read in the bottom-left chat while overworld appearances are not obstructed by large popups which are also in the chat box.

I am more comfortable using the higher number, a Hidden Pivot support, for purposes of bottom-fishing, since I would hate to miss the trade merely because VXX had reversed from above the original target.

Either number would be a record low for S&P volatility, but we should have little difficulty imagining such depths will indeed be achieved, given the airless tedium of Friday’s session.

We trade the stock market looking for quick opportunities to lock in 5-10% winners.It is likely the chat zoom functions this way because speech bubbles indicate an identity and location, but when you're all close together, you probably don't need position information, so it is simply not there. For example, long strings of capital letters are automatically lowered for most submitted lines of chat, and your knight will become "hoarse" when spamming the same things over and over.These settings can be worked around with finesse and patience, but in general cannot be changed by the player.I’ve updated only the E-Mini S&P tout for Monday, a sort-of holiday, and will resume full coverage ahead of Wednesday’s opening.For the moment, however, the intraday charts suggest that if the broad averages do not move at least moderately lower over the next couple of trading days, their odds of launching significantly higher, presumably driven by a powerful short squeeze, will improve.

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