Decoding womans dating behaviour

Unlike women, who are adept at the art of prevarication, most men say what they mean and mean what they say. Women, on the other hand, are generally more complex and subtle, especially when it comes to conversation.

That's why being able to interpret women's body language is vitally important.

Written for those with little or no prior experience on the dating scene, the book discusses how to know if you are ready for a relationship, what qualities to look for in a potential girlfriend, and if dating goes well how to make a relationship work.Believe it or not, women are constantly giving out very obvious signals as to how they're feeling through their body language.The trick is to decode these signals, which is especially useful at the pickup stage when you don't know each other very well.However, this past Thursday we were at a Christmas party and I was sitting down and there was an empty seat next to me and I noticed he was lingering.After a few minutes he came over and said "ah, let me sit down right here," and sat down next to me.

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