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Thanks, I didn't realize the date selector was necessary (I had tried both variations of the year thing, they have one in the textual documentation and another in an example). This is as a direct result of several bad experiences, over the past 10 years, which have caused alienation, and polarisation, in the dojo and lost me 10's of students.

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Hi there everyone - I've been looking for another activity to add to my list.

Adrian, Are we talking Teacher/Student dating, Student/Student dating or Teacher/Teacher dating?

If i were a student at a dojo with a cute girl (also a student) and she asked if i wanted to go for a drink after class with her, and one thing led to another (all this is assuming i was single), my over-riding thought wouldn't be, "oh, no dating in the dojo"! Personally I have seen more trouble come out of such relationships than anything else.

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