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I really do respect you for trying to get a pulse on what is going on out here.

Stimulating the economy comes from giving the private sector incentive to grow or in other words cutting taxes for job creators and not class warfare.

Through an exploration of how tradition has been perceived and used in Malawi's political sphere, Gilman argues that though tradition does exist as a selective process—people choose to endow certain cultural practices with special meaning because they link them to the past—they often do so unconsciously.

It is because people think of traditions as directly linked to the past that they have a deep-felt commitment to continue them into the future.

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Peggy is celebrating 43 years in the insurance business and Staff over 23 years of experience, combined 72 years of insurance knowledge serving the community.

Gilman explores the idea of "tradition" by teasing out some relationships between contemporary scholarly notions of tradition as process and more conservative ideas about tradition as reified, superorganic, authentic artifacts that are passed through time and space relatively unchanged.

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