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Wendi Goldsmith, the CEO of Bioengineering Group, in Salem, Massachusetts, didn't get a single bite when she tried online dating after her divorce in 2003.Then she made one change to her profile, and the responses streamed in. She stopped referring to herself as an entrepreneur.Hang out with volleyball players, tall is refreshing.I've been around tall men my whole life (rugby and volleyball players), so it's not intimidating.

So get in touch with your softer side, and bring your feminine energy to the dinner table. Dress like a girl – wear light makeup, soft colors, a skirt or a dress and heels.3. Let him know he did a good job and that you had a really nice time.10.

Men, by contrast, may view women with those traits as bossy or suspect they will have trouble compromising or settling into domestic bliss.

"I've had people describe me as a professional shark," one female entrepreneur told me.

Such a woman makes them wary.” Not everyone understands this phrase in the same way.

Feminists have generally interpreted this to mean that a successful woman is intimidating to men.

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