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Jayma Mays has experienced our worst nightmare: ear bugs.

What the Glee actress thought was a normal ear infection, she revealed to Jay Leno, turned out to be a gross, ear-dwelling critter which had somehow decided her auditory appendages was a safe and comfortable place to set up shop for a while. We can't answer those questions, but we can give you a sneak peek at all of the songs that will be featured in the movie-themed episode, "Girls (and Boys) on Film." Take a listen to all of the tunes, then tune in to Fox on Thursday, March 7 at 9/8c to find out all the answers to your Glee questions...

"Obviously she is just so nurturing and she would be a great mother, but I think dealing with all the other stuff that goes along with having a child I think would be wonderful."For those of you who have had The Talk, you know that babies don't just magically appear via storks, they're made with a little love.

So, naturally we asked if the Emma/virginity issue was going to be addressed again this season.

Lea Michele really took a stroll down memory lane the past few days as she's shared a series of throwback photos to her Instagram — and one snap in particular really hit home with the 30-year-old's fans.

Cole celebrated her first UK Mother's Day on March 26 by sharing a photo of boyfriend, Liam Payne, holding their son and writing, "Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers around the world.

" Well, we're thinking something like Kate Middleton's dress, but with stain-resistant lace. "I think that would be one of those episodes that all the kids would come back for, so absolutely I hope that happens." We do too!

Hopefully this means a season four wedding would call for a mini New Directions reunion. Check out our full interviews with Matt and Jayma below and learn all about their dream Wemma weddings!

The entire basis of Rachel and Puck's brief Season 1 relationship came down to this revelation, which Puck claimed he received in a dream: "Rachel was a hot Jew and the good Lord wanted me to get into her pants." This does not even compute.

What is there to even say about this flash-in-the-pan connection?

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