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The most cursory survey of the American mass media in July 2014 would have you believe that millions of women are being denied basic medical care and fundamental rights are under total assault because … Senate—whose legislative productivity this year suggests it has been the victim of an Obamacare death panel—managed to rush a bill overturning given us a glimpse of Hobby Lobby II?

they can’t get somebody else to buy their abortifacients. The July 26 issue carries a story whose gist is that government and private insurance does not adequately cover in vitro fertilization (IVF).

The article then goes on with the usual litany of complaints: only 27 percent of large company-provided insurance plans cover IVF; only 15 states require plans to have an “infertility coverage” component; 4 of the 15 limit mandate to IVF using artificial insemination by husband only; some policies “exclude gay couples and single women” by “defin[ing] infertility as an inability to become pregnant through sexual intercourse”; some states require a documented period of infertility or waiting periods before coverage kicks in; not covering IVF now paves the way for pregnancy complications later; and “the Affordable Care Act did little to expand infertility coverage.” Let’s consider what’s at issue: .

The wisdom of generations—that a man and woman should fall in love, marry, and have children as a gift from God—is rejected as so much patriarchical enslavement to biology.

The effect of these changes is to eliminate the maximum and aggregate benefit amounts that commercial health insurers, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Inc.

A: On-call time must be prescheduled to be exempt from this law.

A health care employer may not place an employee on call in a last-minute effort to cover an open shift.

D., medical director of Assisted Reproductive Technologies at the Duke Fertility Center.

“Often, those patients request transfer of more than one embryo.” Eaton and her colleagues analyzed patient data collected by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) between 20.

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