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A list of helpful resources for parents, students, and staff has been provided in the web sites below.

Break the Cycle Futures Without Violence Intimate Partner Violence(Center for Disease Control and Prevention) Love is Not Abuse Love is Respect National Domestic Violence Hotline National Sexual Violence Resource Center Prevent Connect Texas Council on Family Violence Violence Against Women(United States Department of Justice) Violence Against Women Online Resources What is Dating Violence?

Updated statistics about the most used Instant Messaging Apps in the world (only based on official information).

Dating Violence is the use of harassing, controlling, and/or abusive behavior to maintain power and control over a partner in a romantic relationship.

Anyone can be a victim of dating violence, regardless of age, race, or gender.

My younger brother has developed a start-up dating app and as a hopeful future employee, I plan to devote research to material that will benefit the growth and success of the business.

More specifically, I plan to study topics related to active-lifestyle online trends, mobile user acquisition, mobile app strategies, and trends in online dating…with the expectation that I will also naturally improve upon my blog writing skills – I am new to this. those of us who were around know that it all started with a little IM …”a/s/l?

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_____________ To summarize the current state of online communication I’ve create a matrix with 3 dimensions: the type of communication (from one to many to one to one), the nature of the messages (ephemeral vs permanent), the size of each community (in terms of monthly active users).

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