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Mira Rajput has a sparling look with her phenomenal smile and hypnotizing eyes. There are lots of searches about Mira Rajput hot pics on the internet.

The gorgeous young girl has stolen away the heart of macho hunk Shahid, disappointing myriads of other beautiful hearts and cute damsels all around.

The two hit it off instantly and became the best of buddies displaying their fondness for each other.

Post the release of the film too, they were on great terms with each other, praising one another in public.

Just like free-flowing bubbly, Shahid Kapoor’s fresh avatar is sweet and all over the place.

A sense of inner freedom is what he says his new mantra is. The talk of the debacle of his last film, Mausam (2011), is a thing of the past now, so are the other shackles that were binding him once.

After rumors of the two actresses being involved in a catfight kept growing but the actresses maintained that they had simply been out of touch with each other.

They made a joint appearance in the finale of the first season of 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' with Shah Rukh Khan as the host.

The first time Kareena and Priyanka worked together, was in the film 'Aitraaz'.

Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra were earlier rumoured to be dating each other but their relationship didn't work out because of their compatibility issues.

There were reports that the Bajirao Mastani actor dumped Shahid and after that they were not in talking terms.

Earlier, when Shahid's film Udta Punjab was leaked online and found itself in a spot of bother, Priyanka urged the fans to watch the film in the theatres.

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