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Un petit marché de fruits et légumes à l'air libre avait été développé sur le côté sud de la place à la mode en 1654.Peu à peu, le marché et ses environs acquirent une mauvaise réputation.As a result of the British Empire, significant British influence can be observed in the language, law, culture and institutions of a geographically wide assortment of countries, including Australia, Canada, India, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, the United States and English speaking Caribbean nations.These states are sometimes collectively known as the Anglosphere, and are among Britain's closest allies.

A celebrity barrister, whose twin brother helped him to avoid a jail term, is now fighting his sibling in court after a bitter falling out between the pair.Individual countries within the UK have frameworks for the promotion of their indigenous languages.In Wales, all pupils at state schools must either be taught through the medium of Welsh or study it as an additional language until age 16, and the Welsh Language Act 1993 and the Government of Wales Act 1998 provide that the Welsh and English languages should be treated equally in the public sector, so far as is reasonable and practicable.The United Kingdom is also prominent in science and technology, producing world-leading scientists (e.g. Sport is an important part of British culture; numerous sports originated in the country, including football.The UK has been described as a "cultural superpower", The Industrial Revolution, which started in the UK, had a profound effect on the socio-economic and cultural conditions of the world.

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