Technorati not updating blog posts

David Sifry maintains Technorati, one of the most useful tools for the blogger and the blog reader.

In March of this year, when we switched over to a 5 server cluster, we were keeping up with about 4,000-5,000 new weblogs each day.

So the question is: how do you ensure this happens as quickly as possible?

Here are the basics of how website content is crawled and indexed, plus some great ways to get the Googlebot to your website or blog to index your content sooner rather than later.

To answer this question, which somehow I had a feeling to who that would be, I have compiled a list of blogs that are aggregated by Ora and that have a Technorati Authority of 2 or more.

Yet, as any denizen of the blogosphere knows, it is not chaotic. If you are unfamiliar with Technorati, it is a site that among other things, creates a 'link cosmos' of various links in the blogosphere.And, of course, one of the ways you hope they will find it is through search.But typically, you have to wait around for the Googlebot to crawl your website and add it (or your newest content) to the Google index.You can see the last updated date for Marin Lit in the top right corner of the homepage, next to the article counter.(not links) linking to a website in the last six months.

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