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This change not only broke the simple act of manually curating your photos and removing them from the comfort of your computer but it also broke any application workflow that relied on importing and then deleting media content.As long as the device is linked to an i Cloud account with picture management enabled, you cannot remove files unless you do so through the phone.Google plans to provide access to a read-only version of Picasa Web Albums for users who want access to these features.This allows Picasa users to view, download or delete content.Those who do click “Get Google Photos Backup,” though, are redirected to the apps download page on the Google Photos website.

Fortunately for those who still prefer the Picasa experience, the prompt can be dismissed for now by clicking on the “No Thanks” button, which allows you to continue to use Picasa as usual.I'm working on an application where the user is able to select files, either a new image from the camera, an image from the gallery, or a plain old file. Thumbnail() method, and it works for other images in the gallery just fine, but for the picasaweb files, I get, regardless of what "kind" of thumbnail I attempt to get (although MICRO is what I'm after): I attempted to use a query to get at the raw THUMB_DATA, using Thumbnails.query Mini Thumbnails(), with Thumbnails.It then shows an icon and the name for the selected item. The gallery application integrates picasaweb pictures. If the user selects a picture from a picasa album, I'm not able to get a thumbnail for it. THUMB_DATA in the projection array, but I got a "no such column" error.I can easily determine the differences in the URI, and display a Toast if the image comes from picasa, but that's not exactly ideal.Better, but still not perfect, would be to exclude picasa images from the ACTION_PICK, but I can't see how to do that either.

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