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Thus, if it encounters a well-formedness error, it now fails validation.

This article still holds true for generic SGML parsers. The DTD informs the user agent as to which elements and attributes may exist in the document and where they may be.

Though it's best known as a powerful text editor favored by UNIX developers, Emacs can be used to work with XML in non-UNIX platforms such as Windows, MS-DOS, and Mac OS.

Just because an XHTML document is well-formed doesn't mean it's valid, and despite popular assumption, just because an XHTML document is valid (according to the classic definition used by the current W3C Validator) doesn't mean it's well-formed.I use it as a general-purpose editor for creating and managing some of my programming projects, and for writing XHTML and playing around with SGML and XML. This article tells how to install Emacs and the extensions PSGML and Open SP.It also outlines how to customize Emacs to make it function with a variety of DTDs.In addition to the default HTML output, the messages are also available as XHTML, XML, JSON, GNU error format and plain text. Generally suitable for use HTML 4.01 Frameset checking as well, although there are theoretically wrong corner cases. Using this pseudo-schema also enables normalization checking of source text. I some of the schemas are not as tight as the corresponding spec prose. Moreover, the HTML 5 spec is still changing, so the schema will change as well.Finally, I may (and even intend to) change the namespace associations of preset schemas in the future.

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